Friday, February 7, 2014

Our New Guest

"Do you think we should make cupcakes or cookies when Josie arrives?" Saige asked.
"Cupcakes, of course!" Izzy said matter of factly.

"Did you hear that?" Izzy asked.
"Was it the door bell?" Saige questioned.

 Nevaeh came into the room pushing a huge box.

 "Saige! Izzy! The mailman just dropped this box off for you girls." Nevaeh said out of breath.
"Do you think this is her?" Saige asked.
"I guess so!" Izzy answered.

"Wow! This box is soo tall." Saige said reaching up to open it. "I can't reach the top."

"Here let me climb on your shoulders and see if I can get it open." Izzy said hopefully. 
"Do you think you can do it?" Saige asked, "because you are starting to get really heavy!"
"Here, I'll help you girls open the box." Nevaeh said as she pulled open the flaps of the box.
"Ooh, there's some kind of trunk in there!" Izzy said with excitement.
"Do you see her?" Saige asked.
"Nope! I just see a pretty trunk." said Izzy
"Okay girls, I have to go but I'll take the trunk out of the box and take the box with me." Nevaeh said as she was leaving.

"Help! Is somebody out there? I can hear you talking.", came a muffled voice from inside the trunk. 
"Oh goodness! We have to get her out of there." Izzy said with worry in her voice.

"Here, give me a boost so I can get her out.", Saige said as she looked inside the open trunk.

"Hi Josie, I'm Saige!" Saige said with excitement. "Here let me help you out."
"Oh thank you!" Josie said.

"Hi, I"m Josie!" Josie said to Izzy and Saige.
"I'm Izzy! Welcome to California!" Izzy replied. 
"Do you like cupcakes or cookies?" Izzy asked Josie.
"I love cupcakes!" Josie replied.
"Good! Let's go make some cupcakes." Izzy said to Saige and Josie.

Here is a photo of Izzy, Josie and I. We're happy she's here. She's going to be with us for 2 weeks. 

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